Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Entry 2 (in 2 years)
So, let's see what happened in the last two years. Husband: STILL in grad school (though moved on to PhD in education, after graduating from MBA program, so at least he's home more and on the golf course less). Me: STILL working from home. However, at the end of my work day today I am wearing...workout clothes instead of pajamas! That's progress, folks. What else? Different house - actually own this one, v. exciting. Lots more work (our yard is an acre and a veritable jungle, I'm not even kidding), but very fun. And, finally, two dogs instead of one, the newest of which is 10 weeks old, because we're INSANE. Actually, it has been super fun so far, and easier than we thought. Here's a little secret: whereas your first dog is likely extremely (and overly) attached to you, the second dog will attach himself to the first dog, worshipping him and loving him and biting the ever-loving shit out of his ears, nose, tail, etc. Therefore, you can let the puppy torture your older dog while you turn back to the computer. Ta da! Pet ownership at its finest.*

So, life is good - it's been a crazy, often completely shitty couple of years since I wrote that first entry, but we'll get into that later. Tah!

*I am completely kidding - we are those sick kinds of people that treat their dogs like their children. In fact, we are still feeling very guilty that we went and ruined the pampered, solo life of our first "baby." But, he will thank us one day when we have human babies and he has someone to play with...no, really.



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