Tuesday, July 18, 2006
How could you refuse this face?
So, new puppy, so great, so cute, blah blah. But, my God, this poor little guy came with some issues. We love our breeder, and she cares very much for her dogs, but I guess when you're breeding puppies on a farm with lots of other dogs and animals around, it's inevitable that some of them are going to develop some fun health problems. So far, we have ear mites, a skin infection due to either allergies or some type of mange (eek!), and some intestinal difficulties due to, well, I'll spare you. So, total charge so far for vet visits, vaccines, special allergy-free puppy food, and all his medications? Well over $200, and we've only had him for two weeks! But, what else would we do but shell it out for our newest baby? I mean, are you looking at his face up there? Plus, this is a mere drop in the bucket considering our older dog got hit by a car which wrecked his paw and, 3 months later, fractured the growth plate in one of his knees, all before his first birthday, and all on a grad school budget (he recovered completely).

So, are human kids any cheaper? No? Damn.



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