Sunday, October 01, 2006
Today was a much better work day than yesterday and, people.....drum roll......I stayed off the internet ALL DAY in order to work on my paper. Well, I stayed off the internet until 4:20, which is really really impressive if you are me.

Anyway, in the spirit of trying my damnedest to post fairly often, I present to you a stream-of-consciousness chain of related (kinda) stories.

1) I am drinking a beer right now. In case you didn't know, beer helps you write better. Especially, cheap, light, domestic beer. Mmmmm...Yuengling.

2) When my husband I first moved to D.C., my 22 year-old brother came to visit. We went to lunch at a cafe somewhere in Dupont Circle and the waiter came over to take our drink order. My brother said, "I think I'll have a Yuengling." The waiter then looked at me and I said, "Yeah, that sounds good. I like Japanese beer." Needless to say, both my brother and the waiter were horrified. But do you see? How I could have thought that? What with the "ling" at the end? No? I know, I'm a total dumbass.

In my defense, Yuengling is made in Pennsylvania. I grew up and went to school in the Southeast and Yuengling didn't market itself nationwide until the last several years, so I had never heard of it. So what if it's "America's Oldest Brewery"? Honest mistake, people.

3) Another embarrassing drinking-related story...wheeee! I was just emailing with one of my best friends (ha! I just typed breast friends! That 3/4 of a beer is really getting to me!) who is getting married next weekend. She is very excited and I'm in the wedding and blah blah. Anyway, she is so well organized that she and her soon-to-be husband are going to have the chance to spend a couple of romantic days together before the wedding because they are totally done with all the planning. My husband and I were not quite as lucky.

We did most of the planning ourselves and felt like we were in really good shape until our last few days at home before we traveled to the wedding destination when we realized that we still needed to print and finalize directions and maps for our guests! And make the welcome gift bags! And finalize the seating chart! And write the placecards for the rehearsal dinner!

So, one of those last nights entailed hours on the computer getting a lot of that stuff done and I was so stressed that I didn't eat dinner, but I did drink a lot of wine, you know, to de-stress, and I got really, really tipsy. And then, I kept mistyping things and screwing stuff up and I got REALLY pissed. Like stomping-around-and-yelling pissed. I apparently was running arond our condo yelling at myself because I was so mad about getting drunk when there was So. Much. To. Do. And, apparently this was hysterical to my husband, which of course made me even madder.

To this day, when I have cause to announce that I'm kinda drunk, he responds, "But are you pissed?" We find it amusing, even without the stupid double "that's what British people say!" entendre.

4) And finally, we have a friend who swears he has the best conversational transition of all time. (Which I clearly could have used in this post.) You have to picture this with a DEEP Southern drawl. Whenever it's time, he'll say, "Speaking of the plight of the Galapagos sea turtles, I luuuuuuuuve drinkin'!" Try it, you'll see. Works every time.