Friday, November 10, 2006
You can call me Fuzz (for a reason)
So, um, I don't think I have any actual readers yet, but if I do, I'm guessing you know Amalah, right? She was one of the first blogs I read and is certainly one of the inspirations for this here blog. If you read her, you know she is the Queen of Everything, including the Advice Smackdown, answering all sorts of questions about hair, beauty, fashion, etc. for those of us who are, er, challenged in any or all of these areas. She recently asked her readers to let her know if they felt they had expertise in a particular area, to assist with those questions for which she has no personal experience. Well, I have toiled and sweated for years, doing my research, trying and failing, all to hone my expertise in an area that has caused me much angst since the 5th grade.

In my very first entry I explained the origin of the name of my blog. The hair, lo, how it is big and curly. It is certainly one of my defining features and I have finally grown to love it, but I had TERRIBLE hair for years. Very curly, dry and frizzy, too blonde and too chlorinated from years of swim team. This was during the days of bad perms as far as the eye could see - you would think that I would have fit right in, but sadly, no. I was a bit of a tomboy and had no idea how to manage it, much less fix it. I did everything wrong - I got the mushroom cut, I tried to grow "mall bangs," I used gel that could have doubled for spackle.

But, over many years, I have finally figured it out. Wise haircut decisions, finding the right product, leaving the '80's and early '90's behind - all of these factors helped immensely. So, I am very pleased that I can offer my hard-earned curly hair knowledge to you and yours. So, go! Ask some questions!



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