Wednesday, November 08, 2006
What month is this?
November? Shit. Not so good at the posting regularly thing for the last little bit. Here's a quick update:

1) Went to the reunion for my college singing group. Had a blast reliving my youth and my "rock star" days, that is, if "rock star" is the same thing as "dorky a cappella singer."

2) Finished my giant work paper. After writing for 12 straight hours the day of my deadline. Subsequently developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

3) Went to one of my best friend's super-fun wedding in Charleston. Side note: her wedding coordinator got so drunk that he ate off her parents' plates at the reception, wiped his mouth with the tablecloth, and when she demanded that he leave, he peeled out of the parking lot and hit a car. Instead of being devastated, she thought it was freakin' hilairous and proceeded to repeat the story to everyone at the reception. She canceled his check the next morning. This is why I love her.

4) Went to the mountains with all of our college friends (an annual event) where we live off of candy and nachos, get super-drunk and act like 21 year-olds for three days, deep in the woods where we can't bother anyone (or get ourselves arrested). Except, these days, the drinking and debauchery is interspersed with knitting, much gossip about the birth of the first baby of the group, and cries of "your flip cup game is leaving water rings on the table."God we're getting old and crotchety.

5) Spent a few blissfully quiet weekends at home watching movies, knitting, doing yardwork and cleaning out closets and YAAAAAAAAWN. I'm sorry, where was I?

6) Am currently driving myself insane trying to keep our two Labs "quiet" after our 3 year-old strained something in his hind leg and our puppy had surgery (he is no longer a "real" man, if you get my drift). Trying to keep two young, rambunctious, pent-up, bored Labs "quiet" is a complete joke.

I really wish I had some deeper thoughts, funnier stories, or political diatribes for you, but I don't, especially that last one since the Dems took back Congress. Woot!

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Nice to have you back.

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