Monday, September 25, 2006
Holy shit.
So, say, back in May, you received one of your biggest work assignments to date. Say that this project required you to call bazillions of "experts" in the field (which is especially awesome when you have phone phobia, like I do) and schedule lots of meetings. Say that all these interviews and meetings generated, like, a hundred pages of notes that you are then supposed to read and transform into a very long and extensive guide on your topic that will be useful to organizations all across the country. Say that your client, who is very intimidating and supremely unavailable for help, guidance, questions, has decided that this project is her "baby", which really increases the pressure on you to produce something fabulous. Say that she is returning from a month's vacation next Monday and is expecting a full draft of this guide.

Now, say that, thanks to a lifetime of honing your procrastination to an art form, you didn't actually start writing the damn thing until last Tuesday.




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