Friday, September 22, 2006
Happy Fall!
Um, hey guys...what's up? Happy, uh, September. take two has, so far, not been very successful. Do I dare post another entry, just to have it mock me for the next two months? What? Pretend like it never happened? Okay, la la la la la la.

So, hope everyone had a lovely summer. Mine was mostly boring. Work around the house, play with new puppy, visit family, go to Barcelona and then a wedding in Amsterdam. Oh wait, that last thing was actually pretty fun. A college friend, Dutch-born but raised in the States, married an awesome woman who is also Dutch-born, but raised in London. This was advantageous to all us ignorant Americans who attended the wedding, because it meant that the wedding ceremony and just about everything else was in English. Although, then we learned that pretty much everyone in the Netherlands speaks fluent English. You learn something new...

Anyway, highlights of the trip included:

1. Keeping ourselves on Eastern time the entire time we were in Barcelona by staying up until 5:00 am and sleeping 'til 2:00.

2. Eating at the Hard Rock Cafe the first night in Barcelona. Actually, this was not a highlight, but a source of shame. I know lots of people like the Hard Rock, but when you're in a kick-ass European city with amazing food? Not so much. In our defense, it was 11:30 pm on a Monday, and while most people in Barcelona don't even consider dinner until 10:00 pm, most local restaurants are closed on Mondays.

3. Not getting our luggage until Day 3 because we missed our flight to Barcelona because of congestion at the fucking Philly airport and had to be rerouted at the last minute through Paris. Also, having to go to the Barcelona airport in person to look for our bags because Air France's phone operators are ASSHOLES. Turns out there was a baggage handler strike at the Barcelona airport and our bags (and 4,000 others) had just been sitting in the warehouse for 2 days, with no one to get them where they needed to go. But it's okay. I like wearing the same underwear for three days in a row.

4. Canal cruise in Amsterdam the night before the wedding. Until we hit the wall of the canal and my friend spilled her entire glass of red wine over my white pants. Actually, given that I had already had about 7 glasses of wine, this was surprisingly funny.

5. Attending a big, fancy wedding reception in a castle in The Hague. Apparently, in Dutch custom, it is traditional to split everyone up to be seated for dinner. So, not only did I not sit with my friends, but I didn't sit with my husband either. He ended up between two, young blonds, and I ended up next to a drunk, 75 year-old man, who was a close talker and tried to look down my dress throughout dinner.

Seriously, the trip was amazing and the perfect way to end the summer. And now, wheeeee, back to work, in my basement. Next up: procrastination, or why is my house so clean when I have a 50-page draft due for work next week?



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