Tuesday, August 01, 2006
I'm pathetic
This has been a boring-ass week and I don't have much to say. So in the vein of my previous "I'm one of those crazy, dog-obsessed people that you find really annoying," posts, here you go...

Names I call my dogs (none of which have anything to do with their actual names):

1) Shark (sharp little puppy teeth)
2) Flopsy Mopsy (anyone familiar with the crazy, floppy, sideways puppy run when they're really excited? no, just me?)
3) Sweetpea-head (not sweetpea, or peahead, but sweetpea-head)
4) Fruit (I have no f'in idea where this came from, but it's my favorite for our older dog)
5) Poophead (one of my personal favorites, but again with the "head")
6) Babycakes (I just cringed when I typed that)

I swear one of these days I will have something else to talk about. No, really. Please come back.



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