Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Can you see my vagina in this?
WOO HOO! Procrastination is fuuuuuuuun. I've written 3 pages in 2 days. Not good, not good, not good. So, I'll tell you what I'm doing this weekend, since that's fun, right? When you should be writing about 50 words per minute to actually meet your deadline?

I was in an a cappella group in college. It's true - I'm a singing dork. Seriously, singing has always been a huge part of my life. I'm actually singing in a blues/R&B band right now, which is way fun, even though everyone else in the band is a 50+ year-old business school professor.

Don't ask.

ANYWAY, this a cappella group was really important to me in college. The girls I sang with were some of my best friends and we spent practically all of our time together, even aside from the substantial time we spent singing (3 hour rehearsals twice a week, plus concerts, plus road trips to sing at other schools on weekends). Not surprisingly, given that we were a bunch of college-aged women, discussions about what we would wear to each concert took up so much rehearsal time that we eventually elected a "fashion chair" to decide on options for each concert that we then voted on. Seriously. Being that this was the mid-90's, our outfit choices ranged from jeans with blazers (way before the days of cute, cropped, fitted blazers), overalls(!), and "jewel-toned" tops with black pants. We were hott (1995 hott, that is).

So, this year is the group's 15th anniversary and we're all going back to school this weekend to hang out, have a big concert, and relive the good ol' days. AND to feel really fucking old. We actually had a 10th anniversary reunion too, and not surprisingly, spent considerable time talking with the youngun's who were currently in the group to come up with a simple theme for what we would wear so that we would all sort of coordinate when we were on stage together. We settled on whatever combination of black and white you wanted. So, all the alums show up in tasteful, stylish dresses, skirts, whatever. But, the current group? Definitely sang in black tube tops that had been bedazzled with the group's name. Yeah.

So, as I get ready to go back again, five years older, I can not wait to see my friends, sing with them again, meet people's babies, but I am NOT looking forward to standing on stage next to 20 year-olds in white halter tops and black miniskirts or shorts that expose body parts that "I would normally only see if we were romantically involved (see Zoot for reference)."

Maybe I'll wear shoulder pads and peg my faded black jeans, just for kicks.



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